Modern Storage Plan in Contemporary Home Design - Bookshelf Wall

Comfort sense of living is very important, so that is why many people is looking for the modern home with bookshelf wall for having the best home for them. What we know about it is a house which has the beautiful shape and luxury furniture inside. The other thinks that the beautiful house is the house which is designed by the famous architect. Whatever the opinion but the best is the comfort living when we are staying inside.

We are going to show you how beautiful the house which is designed by Spanish Architectural Firm Terceroderecha Arquitectos. House refurbishment in Silleda was completed last year with 2314 square foot. It was renovation and remodeled which has two volumes separated. The building which looks classic from the front keeps looks so elegant with the nature stone for the wall. For the modern home interior with bookshelf wall bedroom we are sure for having surprise of it.

In other side, the house is made by collaborating with wood material and glass transparent. It looks perfect than we can see how beautiful the interior design inside. The exclusive room with its grey color dominated not only for the wall and floor, but some furniture also in the same. Beautiful bookshelves look so beautiful and tidy. Moreover, for the stairs it can be good place also for saving some books there.

If we are going to the master bedroom, then we can find the beautiful bedroom in white fabric of the blanket. It looks so soft and comfort. Moreover, for the lighting, the room is bright enough. The natural lighting comes from the glass windows. For the walls, it has dark grey color. This will bring us to find the confident in live. We are sure, by applying bookshelf wall ideas everything is designed perfectly in these modern home interior design ideas here, and you would not be regret for staying here.